Fix W251 2009 ” Keyless function” not work with VVDI MB


I tried adding Original Keyless Go key on W251 2009- with Xhorse VVDI MB. Everything works except Keyless function. The key itself is V03

I wonder, is it the limitation with VVDI MB capabilities or I need another version of key for example V08?

Also, I didn’t put battery into key until the procedure with VVDI MB was over. I did it wrongly?

P.S. I read password from working key, with online. Not all key lost procedure.

I programmed original key not Xhorse key. And it was with 2 batteries.

Xhorse engineer replied:

does OEM key is second hand? do you have others OEM key to try? please download Xhorse app contact us by it.


Yes it was second hand. Car’s original key was 1 battery BGA and my OEM second hand NEC key was 2 battery.

And yes I have other OEM key but unfortunately client is already gone.

Xhorse engineer replied:

If car original remote have two battery, use xhorse remote keyless will not work, this situation you must use OEM key to generate if you want full function. If car original key only one battery, xhorse remote support all function, if keyless not work, you need to check all process are correct, the file you use to generate is correct, all correct, you can change another key and another key position to generate.

First, original remote with only one battery, the OEM key you use also should be only one battery.

Second, you use a second hand key, can’t certain whether was damaged during the renew process.

Third, original remote should use V41 file to make key.