Fiat Scudo PIN Coding Tool Advice: Autel IM508 or VVDI Key Tool Plus?

Car model and key chip type: Fiat Scudo with 46 transponder and PCF7941 specific chip

Purpose: Read PIN Code, need to make a key CE0536

Complete data in the photos below

Image 1: read the Fiat Scudo PIN with VVDI Key Tool Plus, failed

Image 2: 100% is ID46

Image 3-4: CE0536 key

What about other key programmers like Autel IM508 or Lonsdor

  1. Autel IM508 Fiat Scudo Pin code reading

You need Autel IM508 is good

I made Fiat stilo 48 with autel IM508.

I work fiat and Peugeot with autel or zed full for pin cod I don’t have vvdi.

  1. For VVDI Key Tool Plus Fiat Scudo Pin code reading

Did you try by model or type ?

It’s CAN for this model.

it should be Citroen type 2 or at least the 2007 Scudo I did today was.

That’s under Citroen on Xhorse mini obd.

  1. For Lonsdor K518ISE Fiat Scudo Pin code reading: Confirmed  

Here is Fiat Scudo immobilizer function list:

FIAT\Europe\Scudo\ -2007\Type 1   Immobilizer,

FIAT\Europe\Scudo\ -2007\Type 2   Immobilizer,

FIAT\Europe\Scudo\ -2007\Type 3   Immobilizer,

FIAT\Europe\Scudo\2008 –     Add key

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