Feedback on MVCI Techstream TIS Operating System Requirement

This is a cutomer feedback on Xhorse MVCI interface operating system requirement.

Windows XP, 32bit – You cannot use windows 7/8 or any other operating system to run Techstream. MUST be 32bit, cannot use 64 bit.

If you have Windows 7, Mac, ETC, you will need to run a virtual machine. This is basically a “window” that runs windows XP inside of it.

For windows users you can use Windows Virtual PC.


*NOTE – if you have Windows 7 Home premium edition, you cannot use this unless you follow a few steps and watch a YouTube video on how to get it to work. The audio is real low and the kid is like 8 but the directions are spot on, I followed them and it works.


Attachment 1   (141.7MB)   (129.7MB)   (127.7MB)   (118.5MB)  

MVCI Drivers

Attachment 2

Techstream installation instruction

 And you can download the newest Toyota TIS Techstream Here:

Newest Toyota TIS Techstream Software Free Download