ETKA 8.2 Parts Catalogue Released Notes (New Features)

The new ETKA version 8.2 embodies the ‘sharing made easy’-concept and includes

many technical optimizations, which lay the foundation for all upcoming ETKA versions.


  1. Share-Button
  2. Illustration-text-page suggestions based on work positions*
  3. New ETKA tool ‘Customized Sale’
  4. Adoption of Volkswagen Group software certification criteria
  5. ETKA All-in-One


in detail…



Sharing of an illustration-text-page is only one click away:

Just click the share button directly on an illustration-text-page

Fill in the e-mail address of the recipient

Click send



Your advantage:

Generate more turnover with parts by supporting your NORA customers quickly. Provide them with the same information you have in ETKA. Your NORA customers receive an e-mail with a link leading to the shared illustration-text-page. Using this link, they can select the needed parts and order them online. We make sure that this order arrives at your dealership.

This function is also still available in the print menu.


Illustration-text-page suggestions based on work positions*

Navigate in ETKA via the order list and apply the work positions already defined in your Dealer Management System. For these work positions you will see a pre-selected list of

corresponding illustration-text-pages.

etka-8.2-download-2 etka-8.2-download-3



*The prerequisite for using this function is a connection to the Dealer Management System, e.g. CROSS. Please refer to the ETKA Online Help for more information.



Your advantage:

Selection of the needed parts for the respective work positions will be faster and easier. You will save time by using the corresponding illustration-text-pages compiled by ETKA.



New ETKA tool ‘Customized Sale’


Would you like to make tailor-made offers to your customers?

With the ‘Customized Sale’ feature, ETKA offers a new tool with which you are able to create fast and customer-oriented individual offers, which take into account customer-specific discounts and additional labor costs. As soon as your customer accepts the offer, you can easily transfer it to your Dealer Management Systems for further processing.



Further information and a manual for setting up and using ‘Customized Sale’ can be found in the ETKA Online Help.


Your advantage:

Create easy and fast individual repair offers for your customers, based on already existing order forms.



Adoption of Volkswagen Group software certification criteria


With this version, the ETKA directory structure and ETKA program updates process will be changed to conform to the software certification criteria of the Volkswagen Group.

Your advantage:

Beginning with the next ETKA version you will not need any administrator rights for ETKA program updates.



ETKA All-in-One


With this ETKA update all, so far separately installed ETKA variants, will be combined into one single application. After a successful installation, there will only be one ETKA icon on your workstation.


Your advantage:

From now on you only need to open ETKA once to have access to all installed ETKA brands. Also, you benefit from cross-brand functions, such as part research across all brands.

Important note:

All existing ETKAinfo-ID information will be automatically applied in ETKA. If your ETKAinfo-ID varies from brand to brand, please do not activate the checkbox APPLY FOR ALL BRANDS in the ETKA settings.