ECU Bench Tool Read Audi MED9.1 / BMW MG1 EEPROM and Flash

ECU Bench Tool is a universal bench service tool. Its software automatically can detect the ecu and memory types, which helps users to simplify the ECU writing and reading process. Since it gives the users an access to the available memories,  you can individually read / write the desired data via the software.

ECU Bench Tool Currently Supports:

Bench mode: Bosch MEDC17 based on TriCore microprocessor.
Bench mode: Bosch MD1 MG1 based on Motorola MPC5777 / Aurix TC2xx microprocessor
Bench mode: Bosch EDC16& based on Motorola MPC5xx microprocessor.
Bench mode: VAG/VOLVO MED9 based on Motorola MPC5xx microprocessor (Other brands using ME(D)9 are currently not supported, will be added in a future releases)

Here is the tutorials of ECU Bench Tool Reading Audi MED9.1 / BMW MG1 EEPROM and Flash:

ECU Bench Tool Read BMW MG1 Eeprom and Flash

ECU Bench Tool Read Audi MED9.1 EEPROM and Flash