Digimaster 3 MEM ICP Solder-Free Programming Adapter Tutorials

Digimaster 3 Mileage Programmer MEM ICP Solder-Free Programming Adapter Tutorials.

Confirm the location of the standard 8-pin eeprom chip and the crystal.

According to crystal position and the length of bracket.

Choose a place to paste the 3M fixed piece.

When the crystal pin spacing is greater than 5mm , install the welding free programinng bracket to A column.

When the crystal pin spacing is less than 5mm, install the welding free programming bracket to the B column.

In this case, install to the A column. The white one is a removable probe that can be used to short the crystal in different packages.

In this case, I gonna adjusted it to 12.

Connect the 14Pin cable and the 8Pin chip clip.

Install solder-free programming bracket. Adjust the angle, short the crystal.

Please note that the red line means PIN-I.  Then clamp the 8-pin chip.

Connect the MEM-ICP adapter with 14Pin cable. Then connect the adapter to Digital Master 3.

Select an option based on the car and chip model.

Click instrument system. Click Japan&Korea, Click Subaru, Click outback,Click 2006, Confirm that the chip model is 93C56, and click Next. Click MEM-ICP. You can drop down the help image to guide the connection.

As you can see, green indicates than the 8-pin chip and the crystal are well connected, Click OK. Confirm the current mileage, click OK. Please save the original file. Then Enter the mileage you want modify. Click OK.

Write data successfully.