Copy Toyota G chip using TJECU CN900mini plus YS31 CN5 chip

TJECU CN900mini clone machine is verified able to copy Toyota G chip by working with YS31 CN5 chip and meanwhile deducting one token. TJECU CN900mini has identify functions for Toyota “G” chip key (year: 2010) (Chip: 4D-72)


In a word, to copy Toyota G chip, you need to prepare:

  • One TJECU CN900mini clone machine, $175 + shipping cost, free online update
  • One YS31 CN5 chip, $33.99 free shipping for 5pcs

PS: When you use Toyota G chip TJECU CN900mini to copy G chip, it will deduct one token, CN900mini contains12 tokens as default, after use up, please send SN and the prompt code to customer service at, then you will get another 12 tokens for free. For the second time, you will be charged.


Solution to error “decode error 2”:

If you get error “decode error 2” when use CN900mini to decode Toyota G transponder chip, here is the working solution.

Download CN900 Mini update file

Open CN900-MINI-V1.9 software on desktop

Click on CONNECT to connect Mini CN900 and computer

Click on UPDATE button to update CN900 Mini firmware

Power off CN900 Mini main unit
Power on CN900 Mini key programmer
Firmware update procedure complete, turn on the key copy machine again.