CONDOR XC-MINI detailed inform, it is all here 


This post answers all the questions about CONDOR XC-MINI made by Xhorse Company, including: outlook, weight, price, update, language, specification, inside structure, compare with old condor, tested key type, operation instruction, etc..

Let’s start one-by-one.

Condor xc-mini schematic:

Schematic of condor xc-Mini


Net Weight: 18Kg

Gross Weight: 22.9KG

Price: 09-29-2015 update, mini condor for $3,199 free shipping at Xhorse dealer: Details at:


Software supports online-update.

Language Available:


English menu as follows for example.

operation interface en-02 operation interface en-01

XC-Mini specification:

Input Voltage: 90V–264VAC

Input Frequency: 47~63Hz

Consume: 200W

Packing Dimensions: L450×W450×H350mm

Machine Dimensions: L265×W362×H301mm

Display: 1024×600

Spindle Speeds: 9000rpm


Working Temperature: 0~50℃

Humidity: 10~90%

Photo of machine structure

photo of machine structure-1 photo of machine structure-2 photo of machine structure-3 photo of machine structure-4 photo of machine structure-5

Photo of Condor XC-Mini Motor, Screw Mandrel & Cross Rail, Power Supply

component-05  component-02 component-03 component-04

This is new M2 clamp ….this replace old m2 and m3 clamp —fix hu64 smart key—

is required new software ..

m2 clamp


m2 clamp-02

The tested key type, the bug on the old model bee fixed, and more operation instructions, please read CONDOR XC-MINI user manual