CONDOR XC-MINI detailed inform, it is all here 


This post answers all the questions about CONDOR XC-MINI made by Xhorse Company, including: outlook, weight, price, update, language, specification, inside structure, compare with old condor, tested key type, operation instruction, etc..

Let’s start one-by-one.

Condor xc-mini schematic:


Net Weight: 18Kg

Gross Weight: 22.9KG

Price: 09-29-2015 update, mini condor for $3,199 free shipping at Xhorse dealer: Details at:


Software supports online-update.

Language Available:


English menu as follows for example.

XC-Mini specification:

Input Voltage: 90V–264VAC

Input Frequency: 47~63Hz

Consume: 200W

Packing Dimensions: L450×W450×H350mm

Machine Dimensions: L265×W362×H301mm

Display: 1024×600

Spindle Speeds: 9000rpm


Working Temperature: 0~50℃

Humidity: 10~90%

Photo of machine structure

Photo of Condor XC-Mini Motor, Screw Mandrel & Cross Rail, Power Supply


This is new M2 clamp ….this replace old m2 and m3 clamp —fix hu64 smart key—

is required new software ..


The tested key type, the bug on the old model bee fixed, and more operation instructions, please read CONDOR XC-MINI user manual