Chrysler 200 S DRL Enable with WiTech2

Problem: have Chrysler 200 S 2015 with halogen projectors and fog lights (not the upgraded) I could have sworn that the LED strips on the front and back would always stay in when the headlights were in the Auto position. However I noticed today they are not on.

Experienced User’s share:

Some had the option, some didn’t. Canadian 200s used them for DRL?
Some DRL can be enabled in Settings. Some can be enabled with the WiTech2, some can’t.
I was able to enable ‘Combination lighting’ with the WiTech2, which lights the amber turn signal lamps along with the white LED strip. The parking lights have to be turned on, but it is strikingly beautiful when lit.

What iswitech-micropod-2 WiTech is FCA’s proprietary diagnostic/service software. When you take your car to the dealer and they plug in to the ODBII port WiTech is the software they are using.


Why someone has the option to turn the DRLs on or off, while someone can’t have DRLs in auto?

It all comes down to what sales market the car was built for and the options. I wish DRL was a setting or selection on mine too.

I have enabled the ‘Headlamps on with wipers’ because it is NY state law.

In areas where DRL is compulsory, DRL can’t be turned off.

One more success feedback: Mine has the option to turn the DRLs on or off but I have the upgraded lighting package. It doesn’t do anything with the rear though, those lights are only on when the other lights are. Also, even when enabled they turn off when the car is in park or the parking brake is set so it can look like they are off if you are looking at it from outside.

Credits to @ 200_S_AWD

If you are interested in MicroPod 2 wiTech 17.04.27, here is the reliable source