CGDI K2 Review: Support 96 Bit ID48 Copy No Need Tokens

CGDI K2 Remote Programmer was newly released at recently. It’s specially designed to work with CGDI remote to read frequency, identify/copy/generate/unlock key, and copy 96 Bit ID48 no need tokens, etc, and will be a good choice for locksmith. Update online for free for lifetime, no annual fee!

* K2 doesnt support Xhorse remote, only supports CGDI remote, will release soon.

CGDI K2 Highlights:

It’s available with multi-language, and very convenient, stale and reliable to use.

  • Support WiFi
  • Support key remote generation and copying
  • Support ID48 96bit copy
  • Support key identification
  • Support key copy
  • Support frequency checking
  • Support key renew
  • Support MCU programming reading and writing
  • Supports Bluetooth and OBD (optional)

CGDI K2 Feature:

It is equipped with Android system, can expand various APPs, truly realizing one machine with multiple uses, and higher playability. It also has USB type C port, built-in WIFI module, LCD high-definition display, and 4300mAH large battery capacity.

CGDI K2 Display:

  • Low frequency induction collection antenna
  • Anti-theft chip placement position
  • High frequency sensing area
  • Home button
  • USB type-C interface
  • Force reset button
  • Programming port

If you are interested in CGDI K2 smart key tool, you can pre-order it now. It will be shipped in 2 months only. Price will be back to $499 after April 7th, 2024.