CGDI CG70 Airbag Reset Tool Use Guide

CGDI CG70 is new released airbag reset tool, adopts the new technology of intelligent diagnosis, and clears the fault code with only one key. No need to open the cover, no welding wire, no need to disassemble the chip, just connect the pin port, this product can diagnose the airbag module information, clear the fault code, and make the vehicle perfectly revived.

Here is CGDI CG70 airbag reset tool use Guide:

1.Put the airbag computer forward with the label facing up.

Cars usually have multiple crash sensors, which are installed in the front and middle of the body, but with the development of technology, some car companies have built crash sensors into the airbag computer to more accurately monitor the vehicle’s performance.

What we call forward (label up) is to simulate the normal driving state of the car. In this case, the fault code can be correctly cleared, otherwise the car may still light up.

2.Do not touch CG70 harness during repair, and make sure the original data has been backed up.

When the CGDI CG70 airbag reset tool is running, please do not touch the communication harness. If any harness falls off, the repair will fail, the data will be lost. The more serious is that if the airbag computer chip is locked, the car will not communicate.

When some airbag computers are repaired, CG70 will read the original EEPROM data, which we must save for the convenience of subsequent maintenance.

3.Discharge the capacitor to protect element.

After the airbag module is repaired, unplug the 12V power supply of the CG70 device first, and then remove the pin wiring one by one, so as to avoid data loss due to unplugging in the power state.

Do not hurry to install the airbag computer back to the car or pack it! Power off and standing for five minutes, the purpose is to discharge the capacitor to prevent damage to components.

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