CGDI BMW Add FEM/BDC Key Tutorials

How to Add BMW FEM/BDC Key By CGDI BMW? Here is the Tutorials:

Equipment: CGDI BMW , FEM/BDC platform

Function: FEM/BDC key match ,BMW F/G series program(coding)

Preparation before operation:

1. Need to do it on bench . pull out the FEM/BDC board
2. Need working key or DME ISN
3. Need blank key that can support FEM/BDC car

Please Note that:

1.Check the things that you need to use
2.If the FEM version not support ,need to downgrade it to support version
3.We use 8 pin adapter or programmer to do preprocess the FEM/BDC steps
4.After preprocess finished ,we can add key or do mileage reset or other functions
5.After add key succeed , we better program the FEM/BDC back to original status .

Video Guide:

Detail Steps:

1.Read key information

1.1 Read original car key information
1.2 Check new key is blank

2.Check FEM/BDC version If it tip that FEM/BDC Version is not supported ,please upgrade FEM/BDC first Go to BMW F/G series program page to downgrade the version . It has another manual how to do it .

3.Preprocessing steps

3.1 chip pin 1 place Note: The 8 pin adapter red cable is pin 1 . (you can follow the pic to operate )
3.2 FEM/BDC key match page to do preprocess

4.Add key (with key or with out key )

4.1 Add key with working key
4.2 Add key without key (need DME ISN)

5.Program to your FEM/BDC back to original status Note: If key not work well, Enter into BMW F/G series program function, choose BDC_BODY and click “start programming”, after programming success, need to enter F series coding to code the FEM/BDC. It will solve your key problem .And your FEM/BDC will back to origianl status .

5.1 Program your FEM/BDC
5.2 Code your FEM/BDC
5.3 Then back to FEM/BDC key match page

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