CG100X Repair Mercedes-Benz 48V Lithium Battery W167/ W205/ W213/W222

CG100 Prog III with software V6.5.4.0 (above) can repair 2015 onwards Mercedes-Benz 48V lithium battery W167/ W205/W213/W222 (click here to review). CGDI CG100X Programmer also has this ability for 2015-95M01 M256-straight and M264- elbow.

How to repair Mercedes-Benz 48V lithium battery by CG100X?

Main operation guide:

Step 1.Determine whether the cooling water pipe is a curved pipe or a straight pipe

Step 2.Remove the BMS for repair with CG100X programmer

Step 3.Charge the battery to the rated voltage (Please do not install BMS)

Step 4.After charging is completed, put back the BMS and DC/DC

In detail…

CG100X software menu function path:

BCM>> Benz>> 48V starter battery>> W167/ W205/W213/W222>> 2015-95M01 (M256-straight) or 2015-95M01 (M264- elbow)


1.Pay attention to the Pin 1 position of the Benz instrument module before removing the chip

After removing the IC chip (8 foot 95M01=5M1W3), please clean it to ensure contaction is successful

2.Pay attention to the Pin 1 position when operating the EEPROM Adapter

Solder IC chip to EE adapter and connect with CGDI CG100X

3.Read and save the original data, automatically identify the device, enter the target mileage, and modify the software automatically

4.The modification is completed. There is no need to click “Write”, weld back to the Benz instrument module and install back on the vehicle.

Just follow the above instruction to operate step by step.