CG FC-200 BMW MEVD17.2.5 TC1797 N13 ISN clone

CG FC-200 BMW MEVD17.2.5 TC1797 N13 ISN cloneCG FC200 Tutorials.

STEP 1: Read and backup original ECU data

i.e. BMW 3 Series (F30)

Run CG FC200 software

Select BMW>> 3 Series (F30)>> BOSCH MEVD17.2.5 TC1797_N13>> 316i N13B16A 136

Connect FC200 ECU programmer and MEVD17.2.5 DME N13 Engine properly with the wiring diagram in the software

Identify ECU info- OK

The original ISN read out is B27575E0EA53FD4F0DE0A4216C04A6D

Read DFLASH and PFLASH data in sequence, and backup the related file

Put the file into Fiardell HexCmp as shown as below

STEP 2: Read and backup new ECU data

Back to the FC200 software main operation interface

Identify new ECU info and read ISN

The ISN is 570298EC43DD022648E3224F481DE6CB

Paste the ISN to a new notepad

Then read and save DFLASH and PFLASH data as well


Click ‘Write PFLASH’

Data is about to be written. This operation will overwrite the original data of the ECU. Ensure that the data is backed up, then go to continue.

Open the original PFLASH file to verify is correct or not

If it’s incorrect, the system will prompt ‘File verification error, whether the file needs to be corrected (Warning: the wrong file may cause the engine to not work normally, it is recommended to correct it).

Click ‘Yes’ to continue

Ensure the network goes smoothly and wait patiently for a moment

Verify the file successfully

Erase and write data successfully

Read the ISN again, now it’s B27575E0EA53FD4F0DE0A4216C04A6D.

It’s same as the original one.

Read and backup DFlash and PFlash data

STEP 4: Verify the ECU data

Finally, put the original file and the file to Fiardell HexCmp to comparison, both of them are same.