Can Scania XCOM 2.27 unlock Scania engine ECU? (Confirmed)

Q: Can I unlock Scania truck engine ECU by Scania XCOM 2.27?

A: Yes, it’s confirmed OK by some people on forum, they share opinions as below, check it and hope it helps!


Anybody know how to extract PIN from Scania COO EEPROM dump?

I was playing around to unlock COO7, and I was asked for PIN

I see encrypted code but no PIN.

Where to find the pin code and which tool to use?


Experienced people share their opinions as below:

— Use XCOM…no PIN needed

— Buy Scania XCOM 2.27 software. It will do the magic but you must know how to use well or you screw up truck.


— I tried today unlock EMS, and it asked for PIN. Maybe force marry will work. I don’t know. I don’t have spare COO7 to play…

Update: Today I played with COO7 and EMS S6.

If their state is married (3) with PIN, XCOM can’t do anything fancy without PIN.

If they have no PIN, you can teach them to have it. So I did. Now I have locked COO7, and I don’t know PIN.


— with the 24 hr unlock, you would have to change the starter lock and starter key, after that edit the SOPS file to without IMMO and no need to change the keys, COO ECU OK but EMS is still asking for pin code to exchange.


— Not 24h, Timed Unlocking is 12h. But you can clear IMO STATUS in a second. Does the same. Now I should try the SOPS and IMO stuff.

— If you try 12hour unlock you have to change starter key with new codes. After that you can lock EMS with COO and with LAS only BBS will not work anymore, but you need that EMS and COO was paired before with same codes.

Had done this many times but never tried unlock with different codes, maybe it’s possible


Here you go:

Scania XCOM 2.27+ SOPS+ SDP3+ BNDII Programs ALL-in-one

Scania XCOM ECU Modification functions

ECU Unlock without PIN.

AdBlue ON/OFF.


Chassis ID/VIN Change.

Immobilizer ON/OFF.

Truck Power INCREASE.

ECU Recovery.

ECU Reset.


Tested work with Scania VCI3 WIFI Scanner, NO ANY ISSUE.