BMW Z3 airbag light turn off by BMW B800 Airbag Reset Tool

This blog is quite useful if you own a BMW Z3 old car but the airbag light keep on to annoy you! You can check below and know the easiest cheapest way to solve this trouble!


Tool you need:

$19.99 BMW B800 Airbag Reset Tool for most BMW 1994 to 2003


How BMW B800 turn off BMW Z3 airbag light in 2 minutes?


Connect BMW B800 with BMW Z3 using the round 20 pin connector.

The round 20 pin diagnostic port is under the hood as below:


When BMW B800 is connected successfully with car, it will automatically power up and show “FA”.


Simply press the Enter button (upper one) and it read out BMW Z3 airbag light fault code: “01”.


Press the “Scroll” button (lower one) to stop.

Press the Enter button again and it show the second fault code: “02”.


Now it is time to clear all DTC codes!

Press the “Scroll” button (lower one) to choose “CA”.

bmw-b800-reset-bmw-z3-airbag-light-7 bmw-b800-reset-bmw-z3-airbag-light-8

After success it will show “–“.


Go back to car and turn on ignition again. You will find the annoying airbag warning light is off and gone! BMW B800 wins!