BMW Multi Tool program new key for BMW X1 all key lost?

This blog will show you in details how BMW Multi Tool program new key for BMW X1 all key lost. BMW Multi Tool can make BMW new key with the original or when all key lost.

First, for all key lost you need a tool to open car door. After that you connect BMW Multi Tool with the car via OBD port.


Next, run software. (Now the newest software is BMW Multi Tool V7.7) On main menu choose Protocol Type as “Auto Detect” then click “Connect”.


After connected, it will show you vehicle information like BMW Number, VIN and Production Date… Click “Key Learn”, choose “Get Key Information” then choose “Add Key” option when a message pops up. Click “Next” and you will see Key Cutting Code, CAS remote frequency and current key in switch.

Now it will remind you to take out any smart key form car. Then it will read out key information. Click “OK” and “Save key information”.


Then click “Prepare dealer key with programmer”, choose the key you want to add then click “Prepare dealer key with programmer” again. Then follow the tip, put the new key into coil of BMW Multi Tool.



It will ask the new key is smart key or not, choose “NO”. And the dealer key program success soon that means BMW Multi Tool Key Programmer make a new key for BMW X1 successfully!