BMW 428 add original smart key by CGDI BMW done

This post show guide on how to use CGDI BMW and BMW FEM/BDC test platform to add original smart key for BMW FEM/BDC system.


Note:CGDI BMW can read Password, ISN, Key Sync Code, DME ISN etc.


Car model: BMW 428 with FEM/BDC immobilizer system


Purpose: add original smart key



CGDI BMW key programmer


BMW FEM/BDC Test Platform

One computer

One FEM/BDC module

Key blank


Read out basic info incl. Password, ISN, Key Sync Code, DME ISN.


As known, CGDI BMW key programmer is menu driven, so not a lot is shown here, normally just operate by following the on-screen guide. The truth is CGDI BMW is really working to add BMW 428 key.