Autel MK908P Speed Limit Coding for VW T6 Delphi DCM6.2

This instruction show you guide on how to use Autel MK908 Pro to adjust speed limit for Volkswagen T6 Delphi DCM6.2.



Connect Autel MK908 Pro to vehicle OBD port.

After vehicle identification,select “Engine Control Module”

Select “Security access(Login)”

Then input security code

Login OK

Back to menu to select “Adaptation”

Then select “Individually adjustable maximum speed limit”

Now you see the original speed value:112km/h

Press “Setting” button to select new value

Here input new value “300”

Establishing vehicle communication…

Set OK

Now the speed limit value have changed to 300km/h.



More information about Autel MK908 Pro,please check here: