Autel MaxiSys MS906 Auto Scan and Diagnose Audi Q7 2008 Steps

This blog will show you how to scan and diagnose a 2008 Audi Q7 using Autel MaxiSys MS906 to clear DTC trouble codes. Now good news is that buy Autel MS906 you can get a free Autel TS401!


Step1. Connect and power up Autel MS906 tablet. Click “Diagnostics” and choose “AUDI”.

autel-ms906-diagnose-audi-q7-2008-1 autel-ms906-diagnose-audi-q7-2008-2


Choose “Automatic selection” then click “Read”, Autel MS906 will automatically read car VIN number.

autel-ms906-diagnose-audi-q7-2008-3 autel-ms906-diagnose-audi-q7-2008-4

Click “OK” then choose car engine type


Step2. Choose “Diagnosis” and “Auto scan” to read all car DTC fault codes.

autel-ms906-diagnose-audi-q7-2008-6 autel-ms906-diagnose-audi-q7-2008-7


Autel MS906 will show DTC codes location and number exactly. Please be patient to wait it complete 100%.

autel-ms906-diagnose-audi-q7-2008-8 autel-ms906-diagnose-audi-q7-2008-9 autel-ms906-diagnose-audi-q7-2008-10


Step3. When it complete to 100%, you can click the blue arrow icon to know DTC details, or just click “Quick erase” to clear all present error codes!



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