Autel MaxiSys Elite Write VIN and Change Mileage on 2011 Dodge Journey

Buddy I’m gonna share with you my mobile technician wanted to install a used PC OEM module, so I’m going to show you how to write a VIN and also do mileage correction with the Autel MaxiSys Elite on a 2011 Dodge Journey (You also can do this procedure with the MS906bt and MS908SP and MK908P). I also talk about the differences in coding and programming. And I also share with you where to source your PCM.


Now what you’re gonna learn today:

1st.where to source your PC OEM module

2nd. How to make sure you selected the right used bcm module

3rd.The difference between coding and programming, people are still getting this messed up, I’m gonna clarify how to force right, a vin number and lastly how to adjust the mileage.

Alright, what we’re gonna be using today is a Autel MaxiSys Elite tablet along with a used PC OEM module.

so as you can see here we’ve got a beautiful piece.


And I have a framework that I follow to decipher where I source the PC,  alright so my very first option is the dealer, now some of you guys might not agree with this being the first option but the reason why I liked it there because you’re buying certainty, okay I want to get the job done in and out. I wanna know that my client is going to be well off after I fix his vehicle okay, so that’s why I buy from a dealer now, sometimes they offer remanufactured PCM which are a little bit cheaper and they still work really really good, now the downfall of the d’s are there’s three downfalls sometimes if it’s an older vehicle they might not stock that part anymore, okay, the other thing is depending on the making model that PCM could be quite expensive;Third when you buy a new one that needs to be programmed and some people don’t know how to do that or they don’t have the right tools, so if you know you can’t do any of those options then I’ll go to option number two which is buying a used module from a salvage yard, now I find that as long as you get the right match, these should work with no problem, as long as you do your diligence on it to see if everything is fine I don’t have any issues with these then my last result would be the aftermarket, so a lot of my clients, they will actually skip the use a step and go straight the aftermarket and the reason why I don’t like them that much is because they give me the most headaches, they sell it with something wrong with it and remember guys when you’re trying to do a key learning procedure.

That PC model needs to be cleaned there can’t be any error codes in there otherwise you won’t be able to really learn the key okay, so when you’re selecting your PCM, it’s not good just to go buy vin number OK what you need to do is also identify the part number because if you just give someone the vin number and I’ve even seen dealers do this when you give them a vin number the the hardware that they give you they might have a different hardware level than your car so it’s not going to be working properly alright, so make sure you get the vin number and the module part number, now the ways you can get the part number is purchased, I like to purchase a day subscription. Through the manufacture and under their parts menu, they have all the part numbers there okay and then that way you can cross-reference with whatever.

autel-maxisys-elite-write-vin-and-change-mileage-03 autel-maxisys-elite-write-vin-and-change-mileage-04 autel-maxisys-elite-write-vin-and-change-mileage-05

Another free option is if you go to any odium on line parts supplier you type in the vin number on their website, go to the control modules and you’ll see the vin numbers there as well.


Alright now let’s jump into the demo now before I do I want to just take a quick poll how many of you guys think this is a programming event alright, how many think it’s a coding event, alright don’t cheat because I know when you guys are cheating so let me clarify programming is when you have a blank module, and you need to inject software from the manufacturer’s website, so that’s where you buy the subscription, you download it to your laptop uses a box to then programming; coding is when you.

You have like a used module like an art case.

And what we’re going to be doing is since it already has an operating system on it, we just need to configure it, we need to really learn and adapt it although there are under the coating umbrella.


So to be clear we’re doing a coding procedure today, alright now to:

  1. Remove the battery disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable.

2.Unlock and disconnect the two electrical connectors at the PCM (2).

  1. Remove the 4 bolts(3) holding the PCM(2) to the bracket, remove the PCM(2) from the vehicle.


Alright, so now that I’m into the Autel MaxiSys Elite tablet, the very first thing that I love to do is just do a diagnostic scan and I do this for several reasons:

1.It just gives me an idea of the overall health of the vehicle;

2.If we try to write the event and something goes wrong I can always go click the data lodging option, send that to my engineers and they can tell me a curt something’s up with this module or there’s something wrong with our software will give you a patch to fix it, so I always like to do that.

autel-maxisys-elite-write-vin-and-change-mileage-09 autel-maxisys-elite-write-vin-and-change-mileage-10 autel-maxisys-elite-write-vin-and-change-mileage-11


So we’re gonna do now is I’m going to do a quick erase just to see what we’re working with and then from there I’m gonna go into the [engine control module] to start writing power control module, so we’re gonna go there and click that button and see what we got alright, so from here we’ll look under the [special functions[ you see right at the bottom.

autel-maxisys-elite-write-vin-and-change-mileage-12 autel-maxisys-elite-write-vin-and-change-mileage-13

And we’re going to look for the [set vin] button which is on the bottom right hand corner, that’s not the right thing, so what we’re gonna do is run to fix it,we put in a correct vin number, all you do is press OK, and you just get a confirmation you’re gonna click yes then you’re done.

autel-maxisys-elite-write-vin-and-change-mileage-14 autel-maxisys-elite-write-vin-and-change-mileage-15 autel-maxisys-elite-write-vin-and-change-mileage-16 autel-maxisys-elite-write-vin-and-change-mileage-17 autel-maxisys-elite-write-vin-and-change-mileage-18


Now since this was a used module, it has the mileage from the other vehicle so we got to get it to reflect what’s on the vehicle now so that’s what we’re gonna do on this one is we’re going to [write the vin].



This function will write the current mileage into a new PCM.


Since we’re in the us where to go by a mile so we’re gonna click number one [Miles].


We’re going to click [NO] and skip forward no and we press OK, and here we’re going to put in their correct vin number.

autel-maxisys-elite-write-vin-and-change-mileage-22 autel-maxisys-elite-write-vin-and-change-mileage-23 autel-maxisys-elite-write-vin-and-change-mileage-24

Alright that’s it, you guys what I want you to remember:

  1. vin writing and mileage correction are vehicle specific okay, so for those of you trying to do your research I don’t want you to read this article and be like oh it until there’s been writing it does but it’s not like something extremely strong especially on the mileage correction. Sometimes I have to use the J2534 before and do methods to write them in other times I have to use third party software to write the vin and even mileage correction that’s a whole Another industry, so it’s been specific and that’s why I’m saying it’s good to just know before you go, find out before you go if the tool has that capability for that vin number.
  2. Make sure you match the PCM by the correct year make and part number.

don’t just do it by the vent, because you might have a different hardwar.

3.If it’s a brand new module, it requires a programming procedure with the J2534 and OEM subscription. If it’s a used module, this requires coding and configuration procedure that can be done with the Autel Maxisys Elite.