All about Porsche Macan coding with Launch x431 Pro Mini

I have a brand new Macan loaner while my Cayenne is being repaired, and I hooked-up my Launch x431 Pro Mini and it appears that there is a ton of functionality available.



1.Change the Max Boost displayed in the MFD with Launch x431 Pro Mini.

I was able to active the boost gauge on this vehicle – as it wasn’t activated originally – and then I was able to adjust the max of the boost display from the default 1 bar to 3 bar. I did a test drive and it makes the bar graph longer and the readout even appeared to indicate larger values that it did when it was set to 1 bar, so this appears to work as expected.

This vehicle doesn’t have the air suspension, so I can’t access that module to see what functions are available.

I turned-off the beeps on my Cayenne hatch, but I haven’t tried yet with the Macan, but I will.


I also cleared all the fault codes stored in the system, and found all the reset tools for maintenance, etc.


2.Headlight Actuations / coding with Launch x431 Pro Mini

Lot’s of stuff under the headlight module (screenshots below), and there was also a lot of lighting settings in the Instrument Panel module.



Headlight Actuations



Headlight Coding


The screenshots shown were as far as I went in that area, as there are a lot more settings available in the new Macan than I have in my 2013 Cayenne, and I honestly didn’t want to spend hours poking through a system and activating/inactivating items on a vehicle that I don’t own and won’t be working on.

I have a feeling that the company that makes this device just reverse engineers a PIWIS system, as I’ve found references in the shop manual that are word for word with items available in the Launch tablet. With that said, I have a feeling if something is available through PIWIS, there is a high probability it will make it into a device like this, and might already be available.


3.Register a new battery with Launch x431 Pro Mini

Yes, battery change stuff is there as well.

Didn’t take a screenshot of that section, but I saw it… It’s one of the main features of this product, and is available for the Cayenne, so I’d imagine the Macan would mirror most functionality.

PS: The battery “Reset” is the same as the “Registration” – It gives you a place to enter the s/n, etc from the new battery.


4.Turned-off the beeping for the closing/opening of the hatch.

Successfully turned-off the beeping for the closing/opening of the hatch.



5.a peek through the menus on the Suspension and Air.

The closest I was able to find was “Level Control”, but this vehicle doesn’t have air suspension so it would not open the settings for that to show what is available.



6.Stop-Start Setting Coding with Launch X431 Pro Mini

Car model: Porsche MY20 S Sept 2019 Build

I have stop-start configured so that it remembers the last setting. Here’s the coding screens I have:

launch-x431-pro-mini-porsche-macan-coding-10 launch-x431-pro-mini-porsche-macan-coding-11 launch-x431-pro-mini-porsche-macan-coding-12 launch-x431-pro-mini-porsche-macan-coding-13 launch-x431-pro-mini-porsche-macan-coding-14 launch-x431-pro-mini-porsche-macan-coding-15


7.Launch x431 Pro Mini doesn’t have that option (BCM) available.
I spent a good hour going through all possible locations for such a setting but didn’t find it. If you’re ever in my neck of the woods let me know I’ll trade you some salmon for a quick use of your PIWIS


8.Works on the 2020 Macan S

This tool works on the 2020 Macan S (mine was built 14 Sept 2019, delivered 20 Dec 2019 – takes a while to get from Germany to Australia), I just proved it.

This is totally legit as per dollarlongnecks info – Mine came in a retail package with all the paperwork, part number/specific registration code, etc. via DHL in 2 days & over the Christmas/new year break as well. I was able to register with the main company and I have 2 years of free updates…
I’ve actually updated the vehicle manufacturers software twice, so launch are obviously active in keeping up with new vehicle changes

Followed the instructions below & reset the indicators to 5 flashes:

Select “Front-end Electronics” under System Selection. Select “Code/brush Hiding” then “Brush Hidden/Modified”. Search for “flashing” and Select “One-touch flashing cycles”


Select the “3” under “Coding Valvue”. A dialog box will pop up and you input the number of flashes you want.



I set mine to 5, then select “Write Code”


Enjoy your new one touch. This setting took effect immediately.


One of the things I especially like in the Mini is the WiFi capability which means you don’t need to have the tester in the car as long as the OBD connector is installed. It comes with a plethora of adapters, none of which are of any interest to me as I have the VAG-COM for the Audi/VDub, but if you need to work on Uncle Bob’s Ferd150, you’re covered. Alas they don’t seem to have an adapter for Olga, my bobcat.


9.Launch x431 Pro Mini is just a smaller display of X431 V+?

Yes, the “Pro Mini” is just a smaller version of the Launch X431 V+ in terms of basic functionality. I think the bigger tablet has a handful of other features like vehicle logging/tracking so if you own a shop you can keep track of all the vehicles you have serviced. The UI may be a bit fancier too. But all the functionality is available with the Mini, and it appears to be the cheapest of the bunch. You can get on youtube and search for “Launch x431” and you should be able to see some examples of the bigger tablet. I emailed them directly and they recommended the mini since I was just an “enthusiast”.. But honestly, even it is way more powerful then I will probably ever use, and I could probably start a business will everything I can do with this, and all the vehicles it’s compatible with.


10.Is Launch x431 Pro Mini an alternative to the PIWIS III?

Indeed there isn’t a developers mode like PIWIS III, the developers mode reveals many more options than the standard mode. I just used PIWIS III to see the raw name and values of the coding option you were looking for, and I sometimes use that mode when coding some options not available to the shops…