1.87 Renolink manual: free download, win7 setup, what’s new

1.87 Renolink is verified working successfully with OBDlink-sxUSB in red PCB, which is more stable:

1-87-renolink-user-manual-01 1-87-renolink-user-manual-02

PS: can’t update Renolink 1.52 to 1.87 directly.


1.87 Renolink OBD2 Renault ECU programmer what’s new?

-Software Database for Renolink is 2019.

-read/write eeprom and read/write flash for dashboard Dacia Logan2 / Dacia Sandero2 / Dacia -Lodgy / Dacia Docker / Dacia Duster ph2 from years 2013-2014 and 2014-2017

-Read/write flash, eeprom and km were added for dashboard (VDO) Mégane 3 and Fluence 2015+

-Read and write flash, eeprom and km for the Laguna 3 dashboard.

-Read/write km – read/write eeprom – read/write flash for dashboard Renault Fluence. Also was added key programming UCH BMT Sagem for Dacia Solenza, Dacia Supernova, Renault Twingo, -Renault Kangoo, Renault Master (years 1998-2003)

-Read/write km for dashboard Renault Modus
-Read/write km, read/write eeprom for dashboard Koleos

-Was added into program : KEY PROG
* key programming for Dacia Logan 2
* key programming for Dacia Sandero 2
* key programming for Dacia Duster ph 2
* key programming for Dacia Lodgy
* key programming for Dacia Dokker
* key programming for Renault Clio Symbol 3


In this version was implemented:
– reading of PIN code for HFM Renault Clio 4 and Renault Captur 2016+, a valid Card is required to teach HFM, because the procedure virginses it.
Also a new database from december 2019 was added.

this version we added cards programming for Clio4 (2012-2015), also a new database from July 2019

Was added into this update:

deletion immo code from the power steering (DAE) in Dacia Duster ph3.

the encoding is automatic – at the first ignition.


Was added: learn ecu from DACIA Logan 2 / DACIA Sandero / DACIA Lodgy / DACIA Docker / DACIA Duster ph2
This update is for well known problem with ECM V42 )


V1.87 Renolink Features:
Clear Crash Airbag
Read/write eeprom
EPS Virginizer
Keys (news Dacia Duster Docker Logan new)
Card Laguna 3 / Megane 3
TDB (cluster) and much more
All functions work by OBD connector.

1-87-renolink-user-manual-03 1-87-renolink-user-manual-04 1-87-renolink-user-manual-05 1-87-renolink-user-manual-06 1-87-renolink-user-manual-07 1-87-renolink-user-manual-08 1-87-renolink-user-manual-09


1.52 Renolink language: English

1.87 Renolink language: English and French


Stability comparison:

Renolink 1.87 red case with red board > Renolink 1.52 red case with green board> Renolink 1.52 blue case green board


1.87 Renolink free download:


Password: xxv3xl

Contributor: uobdii.com engineer.


You can quickly download it if you do: please click on “极速下载”, then “微信账号登录”, you will get a QR code, just take a photo of it and send it to Sales@UOBDII.com , the supplier will tell you refresh the page, then you can quickly download the software in 5.8MB per second.


1.87 Renolink Win7 32bit setup for OBDlink-sxUSB:

Watch Youtube video:


OS: Win7 32bit (win7 64bit, XP is okay)

Activation: crack version, no need activation (same as 1.52)


  1. Insert the CD into the computer, copy ” Renolink 1.87″ to the computer.


  1. Unzip “renolink_setup87”.



  1. Open “CDM21218_Setup_720”.



Accept this agreement -> next;


1-87-renolink-setup-wn7-11 1-87-renolink-setup-wn7-12 1-87-renolink-setup-wn7-13


  1. Click on “renolink_setup87”;





1-87-renolink-setup-wn7-14 1-87-renolink-setup-wn7-15 1-87-renolink-setup-wn7-16


  1. Properties -> Open file location -> copy and paste “RenOLink” & “renolink.dat” here.

1-87-renolink-setup-wn7-17 1-87-renolink-setup-wn7-18


  1. Plug the OBDLink adapter to the computer, and you will see a green icon turn and turn at the right corner of the computer, wait it until it stops.
  2. Select “RenOLink” and send to desktop.



  1. Delete “RenOLink v1_87” into the recycle Bin.



8, Right click on “Computer” -> “Manage” -> Device Manager -> USB Serial Port (COM4) -> Bits per second (115200) -> Advanced-> Latency Timer (msec):1 -> OK -> Ok

1-87-renolink-setup-wn7-21 1-87-renolink-setup-wn7-22 1-87-renolink-setup-wn7-23


9.Click on “RenOLink (1.87) on the desktop.

Select “Scan”  -> “ECM” -> “Scan”.



  1. Renolink 1.87 also has Injection list.

1-87-renolink-setup-wn7-25 1-87-renolink-setup-wn7-26


You can go on to use Renolink 1.87.