ADS1803 HYUNDAI Scan Tool for both Windows and Android

UOBDII.COM released a newest authorized ADS1803 HYUNDAI Scan Tool original from ADS Company. ADS1803 HYUNDAI Scan Tool can free update lifetime at ADS official website ( More importantly, ADS1803 can be installed and run on both Windows-based computer and Android. Therefore, more and more HYUNDAI owners and professional technicians get to know it and buy it; it’s only US$82.99 plus free shipping.

Then, these users must know its package is very light and simple, only 0.5KG ( 1.1LB ),  it contains only one ADS1803 MAIN UNIT like a cute tire, a piece of USB cable and a CD as following picture shows:

ADS1803 HYUNDAI Scan Tool
More details about ADS1803 HYUNDAI Scan Tool
1)ADS1803 computer and OS requirement:
a.ADS1803 Hyundai Scan Tool works on android and windows system.
>>>How to install and run at Windows-based computer
>>> How to install and run at Android
b.Can communicate via both USB and Bluetooth
c.OS requirement: WIN 7 & Windows XP system

2)ADS1803 HYUNDAI Scan Tool supported specific Hyundai models:
ADS1803 supports these Hyundai models: IX35, IX30, I30, SONATA, SONATA NFC, ELANTRA, ELANTRA YD, ACCENT, VERNA and TUCSON.
ADS1803 covers KWP1281, ISO 9141-2(CARB), ISO 14230(KWP2000) and ISO 15765(CAN) protocols.

3)ADS1803 HYUNDAI Scan Tool supported Electronic Control System:
ADS1803 can work with engine, ABS, airbag, A/T, radio, A/C, ACC, Body Electrical Control, Dashboard Area (IPM), Smart key (SMK), BCM, Electrical Steering System and PIC etc.

4)ADS1803 Scan Tool can do:
1)ADS1803 Basic function: retrieves ECU information, reads DTCs and Clears DTCs, displays live data stream
2)Special Function: Smart Key Code, Smart Key Module, Power Distribution Module systems, Electric seat module system, Dashboard Module system, Remote password protection and IMMO system.
3)Support all test modes, including ECU Information, read fault codes, measuring blocks, clear fault codes, basic settings, adaptation, single reading and output tests.
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