ACDP Porsche: 15 Cayenne DTS new key added! 13 Panamera all keys lost done!

Here are two tests I did today on Porsche. Key programmed using ACDP.




Test 1:

2015 Porsche Cayenne GTS adding a key with ACDP on bench.

Have generated a remote/key for a Porsche Cayenne 2015 using ACDP.

We will go thru the following steps:

-Remove BCM from car.

-Connecting ACDP adapters to BCM.

-Going over EXT1 AND EXT2 importance (ceramic or metal oscillators).

-Decrypting BCM, reading PFLASH, DFLASH and EEPROM.

-Generating key

-Writing back info to BCM.

-Verifying keys



Test 2:

2013 Porsche Panamera all keys lost encrypted BCM on bench with Yanhu ACDP

30 min job.

acdp-2013-Porsche-Panamera-1 acdp-2013-Porsche-Panamera-2 acdp-2013-Porsche-Panamera-3 acdp-2013-Porsche-Panamera-4


In summary,

it’s as good as advertised.

Yanhua Mini ACDP can add a new key even when all keys are lost fo Porsche 2010-2018:

Cayenne 2011-
Panamera 2010-
Macan 2014-
911 2011