2M2 Magic Tank Key Cutting Machine Reviews By Users

Credits to all DK members who really tested 2M2 Magic Tank Automatic Car Key Cutting Machine, please allow me public what they tested yes and no. For the images attached below I won’t exposure their personal information, but I already gave them thanks in DK.

Review 1:

Works very good…
Simple to use…
For a calibration it’s necessary to have blank hon66 blades

Done today several smart keys, everything well


Review 2:

I have one, hasn’t failed me yet on the most common blades, the fo21 Tibbe adapter is my only complaint it doesn’t work. Hu66,va2, hu83, sip22, hon66, hu100, hu101 all fine


Review 3:

I have too, yes it work good and fast. More faster and better cut than X6. Only cannot decode or cut HU64 for me.

Quality made is also good, all in aluminium. I’ve cutted VAC102, HU83, HU101, HU66, VA2, VA6, NE72, NE73, NSN14, no issue.


Review 4:

We got it and tested some PSA keys and everything works okay.

Review 5:

Question: can you make customize cards ?

Answer: It purpose menu to make your own profile, but I didn’t explore this function yet, but you can copy any key without create the profile.


Review 6:

Hi I got 2m2 tank and Yes. I made one for Megane2 Scenic2 Laguna2 special card and it working well.

Review 7:

Question: Did they do away with the usb port?

Answer: Only support Bluetooth, no PC.

Review 8:

I have it (2m2 tank)… and use it few times a day without any issues.

Review 9:

I have it (2M2) and love it. yes on the 2017 fords hu101

Hu162 I did not use on a car. I cut the key for fun. Looked like it cut fine thou

I do have tibbe adapter and it works awesome also.


Review 10:

it will cut the new ford keys.

The 2m2 is more like a cnc machine then a key cutter.

Review 11:

For 1400 dollars it’s a good machine, I’ve had it (2m2) for a year now without problems

Review 12:

For good design, only the factory doesn’t think about the rest of the car key iron powder where it will fall down (because of the holes) and it hits the sensor, the engine’s rotating gear if it’s not cleaned.

I experienced a jammed machine and when I opened it completely with the remaining key iron powder.

you should open and clean your machine regularly.

for very good performance, I have bought this product early on sale until now there may be 1 year.

To be upgrading…

Good to know:

There are lots of videos on youtube

Good source of 2M2 Magic Tank incl. the power supply, the new probe and cutter for the machine and key blade: www.uobdii.com