2015 Original Naante cool car Logo LED welcome door light


NAANTE company specializes in developing high quality beautiful LED car welcome door lights for different car models. A series of original Naante car LED light/door lamps are available in uobdii.com.

NAANTE Super Cool Car Door Welcome Logo Lights Feature:

  1. Environment friendly and power saving.
  1. Durable and non-fading brilliant beams.
  1. Elegant exterior packaging
  1. Designed for auto modification fancier. “


As the decorative shadow light, when you stop the car, open the door shadow. It could be showed on the road .Bring more driving fun to drivers

. Intelligent decoding chips. Car fire retardant material Case made by the German Bayer AL2447PC material Can change to other logo or type design freely. Use high quality raw material for light resource.2015090325776787 2015090325776788

Naante welcome door lamps for multi car models are available in uobdii.com.

SD03 Original Naante car LED logo welcome door light for ALL Land Rover


SD05 Original Naante super cool logo welcome door light for NEW AUDI

New AUDI A8 2011-2014

AUDI A7 2012-2014

AUDI Q3 2012-2014

New AUDI A6L(2.2/3.0) 2012-2014


SD23 Original Naante LED welcome door lamp for Porsche Panamera & Porsche 997


SD17 Original Naante LED welcome door lamp for Mercedes-Benz S-class 2006-2013


SD16 Original Naante LED welcome door lamp for Porsche old Cayenne 2007-2009


SD13 Original Naante LED welcome door lamp for BMW X-series

BMW X5 –2014

BMW X6 –2014

BMW X3 –2014


How to install Naante welcome door light?

Easy 4 steps:



Display image of BMW door lamp: