2004 Mazda RX-8 USA AKL program key: ikey820/x300DP/CK200 /SKP900

2004 Mazda rx-8 USA AKL program key

CK200 successful communication and pulled proper information to do job ~~~~ ME THIS THING IS STILL KICKING ASS

ikey820_x300DP_CK200 _SKP900
for 2004 year it had a type 1 and a type 2 i believe type 2 was the one that worked
vin: jm1fe17n7401xxxxx
serial# 01ef
part number# n3z1-18881-v
error ctrl:3fe92

in the end though i didnt use the ck200 as i wanted to know if the skp900 had the ability to do it as well. the ikey820 is supposedly built off of it so it should fail too right?

SKP900 match auto pincode mazda 8 add key done in 30 seconds SUCCESS

ikey820 FAIL to communicate all the time under everything under 2004 year only one type

X300DP FAIL same shit 2004 one type and nothing else communicated

Mazda 6 2012 USA AKL erase and program 2 key no problem 30 seconds SUCCESS

so winners are skp900 and ck200

Thanks to @ sleepyrz (DK Veteran)