1998 BMW 323i Engine Won’t Turn Over At ALL

Question: Hello, I have a 1998 323i convertible that suddenly won’t turn over at all when the ignition switch is turned on, just silence. All the other electrical systems are working fine. As for a possible cause I was working on the passenger window regulator I had the ignition switch on to test the regulator and accidently left the switch on over night. The next day the battery was dead and needed charged. After a full charge I attempted to start the engine with no luck, total silence . Out of pure frustration I had another new battery installed. Bought it at Advanced Auto, it’s a Gold ea 10043627. Same problem, everything works as usual except no response from the starter, no click no dim of the headlights nothing from the starter.I am thinking it’s a problem with the ews or the steering colum lock tumbler or key. I have programed the fob it works as normal, locks and unlocks the door and trips the panic alarm except no siren. Any and all suggestions will greatly appreciated .
Answer: Slow down, man. You need to quit looking for parts to buy, and find out what’s actually wrong. That cheap multimeter can help you discover the culprit.

For instance: first you’d have checked the battery voltage, then the voltage while Key’s in start position; this might well have saved you buying the battery.

Now, you’d check voltage at the black/yellow wire coming from the ignition switch, key in start position. If there’s 12+ volts there, you saved yourself from buying that switch.

Then you’d test for 12+ volts at the activation wire on the starter, key turned to start: if there’s 12+ volts there, and the starter doesn’t turn, either the engine’s not grounded, or the starter is bad…but the ews is just fine.

Do not throw parts at it until you know what’s broken. Go buy the cheap multimeter, like: MST-2800B Intelligent Automotive Digital Multimeter only $29.99USD plus free shipping, and the Original YHS-787 multimeter available at www.uobdii.com. We’ll tell you how to do the tests.