How to use Yanhua Mini ACDP refresh BMW keys on Win7 & Win10

Yanhua ACDP BMW programming newly adds “BMW Key Refresh” for E chassis (315MHZ, 868MHZ) and F chassis (315MHZ, 433MHZ, 868MHZ). What a nice feature is it is built-in with “Help” option with wiring diagram, online tech team, message etc whenever and wherever I have problem.


Firstly you have to prepare:

  1. Yanhua ACDPbasic module(249usd)

Image source


  1. BMW Key Refreshmodule(55USD)

Image source


  1. Any of Computer, IOS device, Android phone.

1) Computer

OS: Win 7/ 10


2) IOS system:

System version: 9.0 or more

Cell phone models: iPhone 6 or up

Running memory RAM:> 2G

Storage Space ROM:> 1.5G


3) Android phone requirement:

System version: 5.0 or above; running memory RAM;> 2G ; Storage space ROM:> 1.5G)


Turn on Bluetooth & Wifi

Bluetooth version: 4.0 or more

Wifi: 2 or 4G (5G is not supported)



Step 1. Download, install, settings

Step 2. Do BMW Key Refresh


Step 1: Download, install, settings

  1. Browse ACDP official site), click on “Resource download”. Find out what you want to download, here I download “ACDP PC software“. It may take several minutes to complete the download.


  1. It may take several minutes to download and update to the newest version, just wait patiently. Like the image below.


  1. Bind your ACDP to the computer& register the account.

Any question, just tap “Manual” for instructions.

==> Refer to: How to use Yanhua Mini ACDP PC version.


Step 2.BMW Key Refresh

  1. Open Mini ACDP, click on “BMW”, then ” BMW Key Refresh”.


  1. Have option: E chassis Key and F chassis Key.


  1. Here E chassis Key option:




868MHZ (5WK49145)




  1. Here F chassis Key option:


315 MHz (5WK49663)

433 MHz (HUF5663)

433 MHz (HUF5767)

433 MHz (5WK49662)

868 MHz (HUF5661)

868 MHz (5WK49661)


Next is screenshots of the wiring diagram, such as: F chassis key 315MHz(HUF5662), F-chassis key 433MHz(HUF5663) and F-chassis key 868MHz(HUF5661).


1). F chassis key 315MHz(HUF5662) wiring diagram:


2). F-chassis key 433MHz(HUF5663) wiring diagram:


3). F-chassis key 868MHz(HUF5661) wiring diagram: