Yanhua ACDP-2 with Module 32 Clone K-line Module (MPC56X Chip DME & TCU)

Good news!!! YANHUA Module 32 is released at uobdii.com now. It’s specially designed to work with Mini ACDP-1/ACDP-2 to clone 32 K-line module (mpc56x chip DME and TCU) on bench.

Which models are supported?

Support clone ME9.0/ MED9.1/ MED9.5/ MED9.5.10/ EDC16C2/ EDC16C8/ EDC16CP31/ EDC16CP35 DME etc., and 6 HP Bosh TCU.

What is in the ACDP configuration list (Module 32 K-Line module clone)?

Item NO. Adapters/Parts Pictures Quantity Adapters/Parts Functions
1 BMW/JLR 6HP Interface board 1PC Applicable to connect BMW/JLR 6HP gearbox
2 Audi 6HP Port Interface board 1PC Applicable to connect Audi 6HP gearbox
3 K-Line adapter 1PC Applicable to connect ACDP host and interface board
4 AUDI-MED9.1 Interface board 1PC Applicable to connect AUDI MED 9.1 DME
5 MB-EDC16CP31  Interface board 1PC Applicable to connect MB EDC16CP31 DME
6 BMW-EDC16C35/EDC16CP35 Interface board 1PC Applicable to connect BMW-EDC16C35/EDC16CP35 DME
7 K-Line cable 2PCS Applicable to connect DME and gearbox in plug-in mode

How to connect Yanhua ACDP 2, Module 32 and DME/TCU?

For Audi 6HP & JLR/BMW 6HP

For MB-EDC16CP31 & BMW-EDC16C35/EDC16CP35

For Audi- MED9.1 & Plug method

How to operate on Mini ACDP APP?

Menu path:

Module>> K-Line module clone>> choose the corresponding ECU model supported>> Full backup data>> Full write data

Note: You can click “Help” on the right side of each option to check the detailed wiring diagram and operation guide.

Yanhua Mini ACDP ACDP-2 Module 32 for K-line Module Clone: