XTool X100 Pro Password is not working solution

I have Xtool X100 Pro key programmer for a couple of years and my Tf card is lost…. Can you please help me with password recovery or something to install software on a TF card again please…. I do not have any paperwork for this tool. You can see I login Xtool X100 Pro Update Tool V1.0.1.5.

uobdii.com engineer replied:

You used the wrong upgrade tool.

Please browse the official site http://www.xtooltech.com/EN/index.html  and then click on “Download Update Tools”.

PS: you have the old xtool x100 pro programmer, and you can’t download the X100 Pro2 Upgrade Tool.

Finally, Solved:

Thank you so much for helping… 10 stars 😀 😀 😀

The password is working, I will enjoy what Xtool X100 Pro will do for me.

uobdii.com engineer remind of us:

Although we will continue to provide after-sales service for Xtool X100 Pro, the product has been discontinued, and product upgrade service will be included in Xtool X100 Pro2 key programmer (The upgraded version of Xtool X100 Pro).