Xtool KC501 Key & Chip Programmer User Manual

Xtool KC501 is a professional Key & chip programmer which can not only read, write keys and read key remote frequency, but also generate dealer keys. It support read and write MCU/EEPROM chips, reach and write Mercedes Infrared keys. Moreover, it support PC connection which brings you better user experience. Notice: Xtool KC501 needs to be used together with Xtool X100 PAD3(X100 Pad Elite) to perform as the same functions as that of Xhorse vvdi2. If it is used alone, it only has the function of reading writing the chip.

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Xtool KC501 function details:

Powerful chip reading and writing
Can read, write, erase various chips including registers, single-chip computers, anti-theft, etc., and can read and write more than 120 EEPROM, 7 MCU, and 11 ECUs.

Full-featured key
It supports automatic key recognition, partial key reading and writing, key generation, key information reading, key checking and locking, key unlocking etc.

Compatible with multiple devices, expanding anti-theft matching
It can be connected to the tablet as a immo key programmer, and supports the connection of i80 PAD, X100 Pad3 and Auto pro pad.


Display Screen: 320×480 dpi TFT Colorful Screen

Working Voltage: 9V-18V

Working Temperature: -10℃-60℃

Storage Temperature: -20-60℃

Power supply: 12V DC

Appearance Size: 177 mm* 85 mm* 32 mm

Weight: 0.32 KG

How does Xtool KC501 work?

The anti-theft matching function is an operation to synchronize the car key with the anti-theft data of the vehicle

Synchronize key data to car

Write vehicle data to the key


Key data reading and writing
Method 1: Ignition coil.


Method 2: by programmer


Car immo data reading and writing

Method 1: Read through OBD port


Method 2: Physical reading


Buttons description:


  1. Power connector
    2. USB communication port
    3.DB26 port
    4. Cross signal pin
    5. EEPROM locker
    6. EEPROM slot
    7. Indicator
    8. Display
    9. Frequency detection button
    10. ID detection button
    11. Key chip hole
    12. Key slot
    13. Remote sensing area
    14. Mercedes-Benz Infrared Hole

Scenes to be used:


Xtool KC501 parts and accessories:



Xtool XC501: https://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/xtool-kc501-car-key-programmer.html

Xtool X100 Pad3: https://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/xtool-x100-pad3.html