Xhorse VVDI Bee Key Tool Lite Review

Xhorse VVDI Bee Key Tool Lite is an innovative tool developed by Xhorse. Its primary purpose is to seamlessly integrate with the Xhorse APP on Android phones, enabling a wide range of functionalities. This tool offers capabilities such as remote and transponder generation, frequency detection, transponder and IC/ID cloning, and various special functions. By utilizing the Xhorse APP, users can conveniently access and utilize these features with ease. The VVDI Bee Key Tool Lite is a powerful and versatile tool for automotive professionals and enthusiasts alike.


VVDI Bee Key Tool Litemain functions display:

  • Main function 1: Vehicle remote+ generate transponder+ frequency detection

1).Vehicle Remote:

Support Xhorse XK wire remoteXN wireIess remoteXE super remote and Xhorse Smart remote generation.

2).Generate Transponder:

Support VVDI XT27 super remote generation.

3).Frequency detection:

Support common car key frequency detection

  • Main function 2:Transponder Clone


Move the KEYTOOL LITE close to the ignition switch, and turn the ignition key on and off repeatedly.

For push start system, use the KEY TOOL LITE close to the emergency switch area, then press the start button repeatedly.

  • Main function 3: Transponder Clone

Clone interface process:

1).Query calculation result

2).Take out original key, and better put in VVDI super chip

3).Write data

Main function 4: IC/ID Clone

Which special functions can Xhorse Bee Key Tool Lite do?

  • Detect ignition switch coil signal
  • Unlock Toyota smart key
  • Upgrade and unlock8E remote
  • Renew Honda cycle key
  • Set type of VVDI super chips

Learn more: https://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/xhorse-key-tool-lite.html