Xhorse MINI VCI Cable For Techstream Customer Share & Feedback

I have done much research on MINI VCI cable for Toyota Tis Techstream, I cannot say that I am an expert in it, but better than beginners. Here I will share with you my real experience.


For this cheap neat little MINI VCI interface, I have some comment about it:

First let’s focus on what it looks like:

xhorse-mini-vci-cable-for-toyota-tis-techstream-1 xhorse-mini-vci-cable-for-toyota-tis-techstream-2

–It comes with latest software CD V10.30.029 which will carry out more stable diagnosis;

–OEM diagnostic software and standard SMD chip make it no problem to work with Camry;

–The operation system is Windows XP;

–All the diagnostic communication protocols for Toyota since 1996 make it comprehensive;

–I have test it on read/clear fault code, check intake air temperature, system voltage and other functions.

*If you want to know how I use this cheap diagnostic cable to program Lexus RX450H TPMS, you can read this article I posted a month ago:


*If you want to get the newest 10.30.029 TIS Techstream, download the software from the link below: (although the version has been tested working fine, but notice you still try it at your own risk)

 And you can download the newest Toyota TIS Techstream Here:

Newest Toyota TIS Techstream Software Free Download

Some friends asked me how to check if MINI VCI cable is a Xhorse clone one?

My answer is the Firmware!


The Xhorse company will develop this MINI VCI for Toyota Techstream software. While there are several versions of its firmware–V2.04, V2.01 and V1.41

If you would want to reset IMMO or make customization to cars, you need at least 2.0.1 FW with 2.0.1 FW there is change in PCB, as it supports VPW and has extra security chip, all these simple clones with 1.4.1 FW support only CAN and K-line (and sometime it doesn’t work, my friend got the 1.4.1FW and reported has no K-line signal), VPW protocol is unsupported, and there is no parts for it on PCB.

Its PCB board:

xhorse-mini-vci-cable-for-toyota-tis-techstream-3 xhorse-mini-vci-cable-for-toyota-tis-techstream-4


I have bought two MINI VCI cables (I and my wife’s car are equipped with), and the firmware is V2.04, the cable 100% works with all the diagnostic communication protocols needed for Toyota, this result is tested by most of Toyota owners of course I’m included.