Xhorse Key Machine Read and Cut Honda Civic HO01 key Tutorials

How to Xhorse Key Machine Read and Cut 2008 Honda Civic HO01 key ? Here is the Tutorials.

Xhorse Key Machine: Xhorse Key Reader  , Condor XC -Mini Plus II and Key Tool Max Pro.

Detail Steps:

Step 1: Connect Key Reader and Condor XC Mini via Bluetooth

Plug the power cable into Key Reader and power up along with Condor XC Mini Plus 2

Find the Bluetooth device signature on the front display of key reader

Tap System setting on Condor 2 main menu

Select Connect optical device

Turn on Bluetooth and choose the key reader name once it appears in the list

Step 2: Read and cut key with and Condor XC Mini 2 and Xhorse Key Reader

Login and connect the device to your Xhorse account to continue

Use an original key to be cloned after pressing open/close jaw button to secure key in straight & vertical fashion

Then select Automotive>> Key blank>> search HON66>> Advanced cutting>> Optical identification>> Identification

If error or mis-read occurs, realign and straighten the key then retry.

Check out your key to the captured scan and select Start cutting 2x then insert the new key blank to be cut to the clamp- mark described on the screen

Then select Cut when you’re ready to begin (cutting depth recommended use default value 1.05)

Use a debris brush to remove all metal shavings from the clamp and key, then flip key and cut other side

Use a debris brush and Keylessfactory Mini Vac to remove all metal shavings from the clamp and Condor XC Mini Plus 2 surfaces when finished cutting

Step 3: Program key with Xhorse Key Tool Max Pro

Next move on to vehicle with original and cut keys, and connect Key Tool Max Pro with OBD cable to the vehicle

Power on key tool max pro and select “IMMO, vehicle- make, model and year”

Confirm selection and choose “Add a key”

Confirm the ignition is off, and insert the origianal key and switch ignition to ON

Then back to off as prompted

If system doesn’t repond switch ignition “Off”, and back to “On” again if needed.

Then switch to the new key once system request is made and continue

Continue turning initon off and on as requested

Once key security stops showing confirm it and continue

Programming finished

Now start engine and test remote for key prorgam success