Xhorse Dolphin XP005 and Key Tool Max Cut Toyota/Lexus 80K Key

How to use Xhorse Dolphin XP005 Key Cutting Machine and VVDI Key Tool Max  to cut Toyota /Lexus 80K series key (all keys lost)?

It can be done working with an Xhorse Toyota XM Smart Key and a special adapter.

Step 1: Get key code

Generally, the key code can be found from the car door handle.

Open the car door, use tools to remove the door handle

Then you can see key code clearly

i.e. Toyota Corolla key code

Step 2: Cut 80K Key

Connect Key Tool Max and Dolphin XP005 via Bluetooth.

Select All key lost >> Toyota

Enter key code: 84748

Follow the prompt to operate

Use the M2-A clamp, and tip align 1 position

Take the key adapter to sit at M2 clamp. The adapter is not as long as the key.

Put the key blank onto the adapter, tip align the first line and tighten it.

The key is ready to be cut

Press “Cut key” on Xhorse Key Tool Max

Dolphin XP005 starts cutting key automatically

Wait a moment…

The key is only cut on one side.

Cut successfully

Hope it helps!