WinOLS definitely better than ECM TITANUIM (review)

It is clear that a car is best done with WinOLS if you have the give, but if you leave a car to schedule early in the afternoon and pass it to pick up as the limit at the last minute and WinOLS not give for that car. How long do you have to search the map and try to identify and program until it fine?


That’s the problem WinOLS without we would take forever to locate and map to map and define their similar and it takes longer to modify


With Ecm Titanium you leave the essential potential maps to make a normalita repro without squeezing the most of the engine, maps advance, correction, singles, boot and other we all know that if you know not to touch them better not make it clear not appear because you can fuck the engine or turbo pump.


The problem of ecm titanium is that poorly defines the axes of the maps but for me it is no problem because I edit the driver and change the dimensions of X axis and Y to make it look as real as possible and then apply I conversion factors relevant to Z.


Then if I have to look for other important maps that the program does not reflect in their drivers, do you make them yourself, I look in 2D or 3D and is very easy to select the memory location from where it starts to where it ends the map and define their axes as with any other program.


My conclusion is that if you know how a map and as I touch it, the two program can go well but WinOLS v1.500  has more advanced options and is more accurate, but I think a change is slower to use when you start with a new ECU do not know.


Another thing is when you bring a car and you leave him time to do it well get all the juice to the engine and everything is perfect, things change.


So i think that if a person does not know how the parts of an engine and the engine ESN do work and not known as a map, leapfrogging is to have one or another program works.