Windows XP end of support, is it safe to diagnose Chinese OBD scanner tools?

12th April, 2014, I start a post in DK forum, the content was “April 8, 2014, Windows XP end of support, is it safe if I go on use XP to run Chinese OBD scanner tools? Your option?”, and one DK Veteran replied me “If you are using this computer only for diagnose and no internet surfing or other activities like online banking, etc it’s perfectly OK. Even if no other choice and still using computer on internet you need to have good antivirus updated daily also good firewall.” Another VIP member replied me “do you have virus and malware protection on laptop as anything not protected is liable for attack, normally when connected to LAN or WIFI it happens. If its cable diagnostics should be ok or loading new program from web scan it first.”


What about Windows XP Mode on a Windows 7 PC after support ends? It is the same as Windows XP, if you continue to use Windows XP Mode on a Windows 7 PC after support ends, your PC might become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. Therefore, to keep your Windows 7 PC secure after support ends; the Microsoft recommend disconnecting the internet when use Windows XP Mode.