Which tool can do both OBDII diagnostic and electrical test

Some users ask uobdii.com engineer which tool can do both OBDII diagnostic and electrical test (circuit test and battery test), this tool is Autel Autolink AL539B.  Generally speaking, Autolink AL539B function include: OBDII diagnostic, circuit test, Star test and batter test. This can be proved by Autolink AL539B package; it adds probes, battery test cable and 3.7 Li-ion Battery, besides OBDII cable. Therefore, it is 50usd higher than AL519 which only has OBDII diagnostic function.


Autolink AL539B is original from Autel Company, if you don’t want a copy one, then you can’t miss AL539B, original means good quality, good after-sales service guarantee and one-year free update online.

Most probably, you want to know more Autel Autolink AL539B supported car models and function. In the following parts, uobdii.com engineer make a brief introduction list.

 Generally speaking, Autel Autolink AL539B covers most famous brand cars with global OBDII & CAN protocol as other Autel Autolink scanners.

 autel-autolink-al539b-multimeter-met-scope-en-obd1.Autel Autolink AL539B OBDII diagnostic function:

Read and erase codes

Live Data

Viewing freeze Frame data

Retrieving I/M readiness status

O2 Monitor test

On-board monitor test

Component test

Viewing vehicle information

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 2.Autolink AL539B Circuit Test function:

Circuit Voltage

Circuit Resistance

Circuit Current


  • Star Test

Starter test: Testing the starting system can confirm that it is functioning properly, or provide valuable diagnostic information to isolate a problem in the system. Charging system test: Capable of diagnosing 12V charging systems, starting systems and condition of discharged battery. There are two ways to do this test: A. Connecting to DLC with OBDII connector. B. Connecting to battery with probes.

  • Battery Test – Only Autolink AL539B has this function among all Autel Autolink

Battery Test function provides quick and accurate load-free testing of most types of 12V batteries, including AGM, standard, and maintenance-free batteries.

NOTE: Do not connect the battery test cable to a voltage source greater than 30V.

More information, you may carefully read Autolink AL539B user manual.