VXDIAG VCX SE Pathfinder: How to Enable SDD Cccess to TOPIx Services?


How does VXDIAG VCX SE DoIP Pathfinder JLR SDD work? Does the user need to register one member on the Landrover website? Does it need the password of the data patch?

vxdiag-vcx-se-pathfinder-patch-01 vxdiag-vcx-se-pathfinder-patch-02 vxdiag-vcx-se-pathfinder-patch-03


Vxdiag chief engineer replied:

Put the downloaded installation file into the JLR folder, and confirm that the file is complete

Modify the configuration options under Name in the Install.ini file, and replace the file names with the file names of the current version in order, paying attention to the order

After the preparation is completed, open the installation script and click Run to install it automatically.


After the installation is complete, you need to download the PATH offline.


Free download SDD patch:


Compatible with only VXDIAG VCX SE For JLR SDD and Pathfinder Software


Good luck.