VVDI Key Tool Plus Key Programmer Advantages: Car / Function List

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus is one universal powerful key programmer for a wide range of car models worldwide, and it wins in some car models that the similar key programmers can’t. Besides, it owns more functions i.e maintenance function, generate chip / remote, file make key, key renew etc.

  1. VVDI Key Tool PlusKey Programmer Advantage Car Models.
Renault 4A Smart Card / Folding 4A Via OBD add new key / program AKL / Generate dealer key (Kadjar, Koleos etc with Folding 4A key, no need to backup and no risk of killing the car.
Mercedes FBS3 Add key / program when AKL for Mercedes FBS3, calculate password fast and in high success rate (use the Benz Power adapter, no need to unplug and plug repeatedly)
BMW Via OBD add key / program AKL for CAS1 /CAS2 / CAS3+ / CAS4+/ FEM /BDC.
Volkswagen Add key / program AKL for Volkswagen 2th / 3th / 3.5th / 4th/ 5th IMMO and MQB.
Volkswagen online Support 4th immo add key and program when AKL/ A6 /Q7 (J518) AKL/ MQB add key and AKL / 5C add key. Cheapest price, fastest speed, works with VVDI remotes without risk of killing the car.
Toyota 8A mechanical key Via OBD add key and program akl (when akl, no need to dismantle central control, replace the immobilizer, requires the 8A adapter
Mitsubishi Via OBD add key / program akl / generate dealer key (OUTLANDER EX, ASX etc)
Porsche Porsche (-2018) key generation / OBD key programming (key tool plus read the data, generate the key, OBD programming)
Peugeot /Citroen/DS Read pincode, add new key, program key when all keys lost via OBD.
Ford (-2018) Program the smart key without pin code for all Ford before 2018 year.
Ford (2019-) Program key without backing up PFLASH for the Ford after 2019 (Focus, Escort)
Jeep Dodge Chrysler Read the pincode and program key via OBD for Jeep Dodge Chrysler after 2018.
Fiat, Viaggio,Palio Add key, program when AKL, generate dealer key via OBD.
Buick Chevrolet Cadillac Read the pincode (46 chip) via OBD, for the other 4D /47 chips query the pincode online (for a partial car models).
Hyundai Kia Read pin code and program key via OBD for 46 /47/8A chip.
Honda after 2019 AKL programming Program key when AKL via OBD for 10th Accord,ENVIX, FIT, INSPIRE
Volvo (before 2016) Non-smart key programming via OBD without dismantling , Non-smart key programming by dismantling the ECM, smart key programming by dismantling the ECM / KVM.
Chinese Cars Program key for common Chinese cars, for a part of cars it can calculate the password or read the password via OBD.


Calculate the password for the immobilizer system from Tongzhi, Lianchuang, Delphi, Shanghai SIIC Transportation, Siemens.

Read the pin code for Changan UNI-T immobilizer system.

Read pin code for Geely NEW VISION X3 / Jiaji / Bin Rui /ICON with smart key (Euro 6)

Program smart key without pin code for Jiangling Yusheng S350 /S330

Program key without pin code for FAW Pentium B30/B50/B70/B90/T77

Program smart key without pin code for FAW Xenia R7/R9

Program key without pin code for Dongfeng Fengshen AX3/AX5/AX7/MX5

Calculate the login password free of charge

Program smart key without pin code for GAC Trumpchi

Read the pin code for BAIC smart key (2018-)

Other car models A wide range of car models worldwide, features in frequent update. Not list all here.


  1. VVDI Key Tool Plus is more than one key programmer, it can do more.
Maintenance Oil service reset, Throttle programming, Tire pressure programming, steering angle learning, battery match etc.
cloud diagnosis


Support ” cloud diagnosis mode-C ” (No need to purchase extra device.
File make key Support all car models file make key (for Land Rover after 2015, Porsche and Chinese cars), directly write smart key for Mitsubishi 46 chip without programming.
EEPROM Support common EEPROM, car immobilizer module, read BMW ISN without dismantling.
Generate Remote Support original remote controller/ smart car remote controller / garage door / Toyota smart card.
Remote Online-cloud Recognition Automatically identify the remote types, no need to choose the remote controller.
Clone remote Support remote clone.
Generate chip Support a bunch of cars’ dedicated chips (ID42/ID44/ID46/ID47/ID67/ID68/G/8A etc).
96bit 48 Copy Support 96bit 48 copy, the server calculate the password quickly.
46 copy Support 46 copy, Fiat AKL, Hyundai Kia password calculation quickly.
4D copy Support 4D/70/83 copy, the server calculate the password quickly.
8A copy Support 8A chip copy.
8C /11/12/13 Support 8C /11/12/13 chip copy.
VVDI Super Remote Support using VVDI Super Remote to generate the dedicated chip, when file make key, it doesn’t need re-write, just directly copy.
Key Renew Can renew the various of used original key as the new key.

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