Vident iLink450 full service tool review: 16 languages & intuitive instructions

Vident iLink450 full service tool arrived me for one week, I played it for several days and be happy with, it can do what I paid. I was particularly interested in a unit that could perform automated brake bleeds, and Vident iLink450 does possess that capability. It claims to perform special functions incl. EPB, Oil Service, ABS & SRS reset, Battery Configuration, Steering Angle Sensor Calibration, DPF regeneration and Throttle body alignment.

What nice features are:

Available with 16 languages

Perform  TPS that Launch 8021 doesn’t have

Easy to use with intuitive on-screen instructions. 


Vident iLink450 package:

Here I attach several images of Vident iLink450 package.

From outside:

vident-ilink450-full-service-tool-review-01 vident-ilink450-full-service-tool-review-02 vident-ilink450-full-service-tool-review-03 vident-ilink450-full-service-tool-review-04


Open the carton, then a nice zippered carrying case, you will see the full package incl. Vident iLink450 main unit with 16pin cable, a very well-written manual, one USB cable (used to connect the unit to your PC), one CD and one a white gizmo named micro-SD to USB adapter (used to update the software in the iLink450).

vident-ilink450-full-service-tool-review-04 vident-ilink450-full-service-tool-review-06


Vident iLink450 installation, register, update:

1). Install PC-based application 


Usually Vident iLink450 can work alone without installation. I installed it because it is capable of recording live data, which can be played back on a PC. There is a mini-CD contains the Setup program for the PC-based application.


Setup the application on my computer was very easy. I inserted the disc, chose my language, and clicked on Install.



2). Register a free user account & Update to the newest

A desktop icon titled iScanzilla was automatically created as part of the software installation. Upon initial startup of the application, I was instructed to create a free user account, which also doubled to register the warranty for my unit. After that, I could update both the scan tool and the PC software (my i450 shipped with Ver. 1.00 PC application, so I updated it immediately to Ver. 2.00).



Vident iLink450 function menu, navigation etc.

the interfaces of both the PC application and the scan tool itself are very intuitive. It’s a pic of the main screen. The three function buttons (F1 … F3) below the screen are programmable, and I have already programmed them for my three favorites in this shot.

The screen is bright enough in the dark working environment,  and the text is reasonably crisp.



Chose “ ABS&SRS” and I was taken to the next option screen on which I chose Electronic Brake Control. Then I was taken to the next screen on which I chose Special Functions.



Then I saw Automated Bleed option that I was interested in.



Chose Automated Bleed option and I was taken to the next screen on which it lists what I should to do next, just follow it to do.



Back to ABS Motor option



Enter and I saw all sorts of data regarding the ABS.


Finally, I backed out and disconnected the tool from the OBDII service port.


This is all the time I had to play with the Vident iLink450. I think I will write more if I tested more features. Now it’s your time to have one and test by yourself and we can communicate.