Vident iLink400 Feedback on BMW 525 E60 2006

Vident iLink400 is ideal for anyone who wants to diagnose 1 to 5 car makes professionally.It is a powerful OBD1/OBD2 scan tool delivering in-depth all systems diagnostics,actuation,adaptation and programming.Here UOBD2 show you test report on Vident iLink400 test on BMW 525 E60.


Connect Vident iLink400 BMW to BMW OBD port,then enter menu to select “BMW”


Select “Manual selection”

Select “5 Series”–>”E60/E61″–“525Li_N52_SAL”–>”CHN_LL”–>”2006_09″

Now it show the information of vehicle you selected

Select “Control Units”

Here show you system available,Drive,Chassis,Body


For Drive,below systems avaiable:






Service Function:


And here are iLink400 special function on BMW


Vident iLink400 is a all systems covered single maker diagnostic tool,it is very powerful and cheap.