I want to have one OBD scanner for most worldwide famous car models, no need cover truck models. I only want to do basic OBD diagnosing, not programming anything.


I saw VDM UCANDAS advertised as better than autocom, it claims one-year free update at official website, and works with newest cars up to 2014.

I spent about 209USD, got one, it arrived this week, it came with main unit with OBDII cable, software driver and USB cable, package is very simple compared with Launch X431 and Autel scanner which packed with many adapters.

I installed VDM UCANDAS on Win7 successfully (uobdii.com claims Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8. No WP8/Win8 RT support), easy to install, no need to activate. WIFI connection and Bluetooth supported.

I have not much trouble with VDM UCANDAS Language; it comes with English as default. Users are allowed to add two more language as will by sending machine serial number to the supplier.

I tested UCANDAS VDM successfully many car models after 2000 year, like 2012 honda cr-v, Jeep, Dodge, a part of cars up to 2014 year. I had problem with Renault Fluence, Saab 93 and Ford, I thought VDM can’t cover these cars, later I learned they are before 2000 year, VDM can’t cover.

VDM UCANDAS mainly for OBD diagnosis, support key programming, SI reset, sensor setting for a part of cars.