VAG Immobilizer emulator VW Audi Seat Skoda A4 A6 Golf ADVISE PLEASE.

Car Technician Question:

Car Details:

GOLF 2000 1.6 Petrol


ECU: 036906034 CN

MY2 61600.612.03


CHIP 95080

This is immo 2

Vag Emulator 01

I want to know is it possible to fit Vag Emulator for the above car to start the engine and not having any issue? If it can do, any idea is to solder wiring connection to emulator?


Answer from UOBDII.COM engineer:

Properly yes, when you see no VIN number in identification then it will be work.

Generally speaking, when you will try just 12+ to pin 16 in obd, gnd to 4 and 5, communication to number 7 in obd, then take out fuse 5amp from dash (fuse 11) and try start.


Vag IMMO Emulator Connection Diagram:
Vag Emulator2
For cars with separated immobilizer box, short W and K lines and remove immobilizer box.
For cars with dashboard immobilizer, cut W line from dashboard


VW Golf III, Passat B4 Immobilizer Box Side

Vag Emulator3