VAG 5th Immo Make Dealer Key: Device, Tutorial, Wiring

Here’s the tutorial of making a dealer key to VAG 5th Immo! Done with Xhorse vvdi2



Step 1: choose a method to read BCM2

1 connect device to the car by OBD; start to read BCM data

Step 2: you can verify key black status with “Check key status” button


Step 3: press button “prepare dealer key”; it requests load the BCM2 data in step 1 (important)

Then put the programmable key into the vvdi2 programmer. Prepare the dealer key with tips


Step 4: connect vvdi2 to the car; prepare all keys to the car

Insert one key into the switch ignition, input the key number you want to learn

Then press “Key learning”; it requests load the BCM2 data read in step 1 (important)


Follow the tips and complete the key learning


Vvdi2 starts to make a dealer key


Choose a method: A4L A5 Q5 add a new key or lost all keys – No need any working key


Press Ok and load BCM2 data in step 1

vvdi2-vag-5th-immo-audi-a4-a5-dealer-key-3 vvdi2-vag-5th-immo-audi-a4-a5-dealer-key-4


Put a key into the vvdi2

vvdi2-vag-5th-immo-audi-a4-a5-dealer-key-5 vvdi2-vag-5th-immo-audi-a4-a5-dealer-key-6


Start to read key info


Reprogramming key info


Start to make a new key


Successfully made a dealer key



Note that, the tutorial can be used for

Audi A4L Q5 A5 A6L (2012-) A7 A8 (2011-)

VW Touareg (2011-)


The same method…




– Error “read data length error” in OBD read method:

you need read BCM2 data with 5th BDM Programmer (No. 2)


OBD Read BCM2 for lost all key:

It need disconnect BCM2 power (2 interfaces) for a few seconds. Just follow program message


– Fail to read BCM2 data:

Under OBD Read BCM2 for lost all key process, if cannot read BCM2 data after disconnect power or you get disconnect power for next time read, this type may not support OBD read without working key, you need read BCM2 data with 5th BDM Programmer


switch OFF or ON:

Before you read BCM2 via OBDII, you’d better switch OFF/ON ignition again, Keyless cars press START/STOP button again to switch ON. Else may enter lost all key mode, of course, if reading success, it is also right BCM2 data


– How many times to read BCM2 data:

BCM2 data is always for the same car. So you only need read one time. As long as you have the BCM2 data, you don’t need to read again, no matter key learn, no matter when


– key is locked:

After making key successfully. The key is not locked before you learn it. So you can make key for other cars before key learning. Once learn the key, it locked


– need a working key or not:

Make key for A4/Q5/A5 don’t need a working key

Make key for A6/A7/A8/Touareg need a working key

(if you don’t have working key, the keyless function will not work )


– make OEM keys:

You can unlock the locked OEM key in “Transponder Programmer->Other Key Tool”. (Most OEM keys is not support unlock, it can be prepared again with lock status, then learn it as normal). If the OEM keys support change ID, you can make an OEM key, the method is same as 4th immobilizer cluster OEM key, select one original key position and continue



BCM2 (J393) module position



BCM2 (J393) module remove plug


BCM2 (J393) front connect line



BCM2 (J393) back connect line