Using MINI ND900 Key Programmer Copy Nissan March 46 chip

This blog is written to share a successful experience of using MINI ND900 to program key for my Nissan March 2015.


With the recommendation of my best friend, a car enthusiast, a few days ago I bought the MINI ND900 Transponder Key Programmer online, just wanted to have a try as a DIYer because it was not so expensive.



And this morning I use this ND900 to copy my Nissan March 46chip, I will show the detailed steps below:

My car is Nissan March 2015

Tool I used: MINI ND900 Key Programmer

Firstly, I put the original ID46 transponder key into the slot of Mini ND900 (Remind: don’t move the key). After that it showed Identifying Models.

nd900-mini-copy-nissan-chip46-2 nd900-mini-copy-nissan-chip46-3


Secondly, I clicked “COPY”. It asked me to insert the original key, yes, I clicked “OK”.

nd900-mini-copy-nissan-chip46-4 nd900-mini-copy-nissan-chip46-5


Thirdly, it asked me to insert TPX3/4 to copy. I put the new ID46 chip into the slot of Mini ND900 and clicked “OK”.


Then, it showed me success. Click “OK” to exit.


At last, I put the copied ID46 chip into a new transponder key, and I inserted the new key to turn ignition on, it worked well!


Now I own 2 transponder keys for my Nissan March 2015.


The whole process only takes a few minutes, very easy to operate!