Update! OPCOM 1.99 for Opel Car Diagnostic Tool

Update! OPCOM 1.99 for Opel Car Diagnostic Tool


Firmware version: V1.99

Software version: Vaux-Com 120309a

PCB: with PIC18F458


Vaux-Com 120309a free download:


Language: English

OS: XP or Win7

Using tips:

  1. Make sure there is dotnetfx35_SP1 pacth on your windows XP or Windows 7 laptop, otherwise you are unable to run opcom software.
  2. If you install the software on windows 7 laptop, you can only open the software as Administrator, kindly check and follow the installation video inside CD.

OP-COM VAUX-COM 120309a Win7 Installation Guide


Vaux-Com 120309a :

vaux-com-120309a-software-display-1 vaux-com-120309a-software-display-2 vaux-com-120309a-software-display-3 vaux-com-120309a-software-display-4 vaux-com-120309a-software-display-5 vaux-com-120309a-software-display-6