Update Notice! VPECKER Easydiag System Update V8.6 to V8.7

Thanks to our engineers efforts, Vpecker Easydiag Bluetooth OBDII diagnostic tool Item No.SP247 & SP247-B has update from V8.6 to V8.7!


Update information:

  1. Improve the display of “Online Store”.
  2. Improve the display of “Feedback”.
  3. Improve the WIFI connection.
  4. Improve the Linklayer of communication.
  5. Improve the Bluetooth communication.
  6. Fix some bugs.


Users connect computer to internet, then run Vpecker software, click “SETTINGS” menu, vpecker will show you update information, click “Update” to begin download latest V8.7!

vpecker-easydiag-2 vpecker-easydiag-3


What YOU Can Use V8.7 VPECKER Easydiag to do?

Quick Test

Read ECU Info

Read DTCs

Erase DTCs

Clear learning value

Data Stream, Actuations

Read freeze frame data

Read/Write VIN

Basic Reset

Control unit adaptations

Throttle adaptations

Air bleeding

Level calibration

Theft alarm Reset

Key programming

Oil change

Idle speed learning

Idle speed Adjustment

Ignition timing adjustment

Camshaft timing control learning

Maintenance functions

ECU Initial startup

ECU initialization, etc.

Note: Specific features depend on the specific vehicle models


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